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by ashton_rose (ashton_rose)
at October 14th, 2006 (08:02 pm)

This sounds great! I can't wait.

Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun [userpic]
A Weekend in Germany Schedule - Tentative
by Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun (girltuesday)
at September 23rd, 2006 (02:16 am)

Friday April 20th, 2007:

- nothing scheduled yet -

Saturday April 21st, 2007:

- Meet in lobby of hotel

12:30PM - Depart for Frankfurt Zoo

Sunday April 22nd, 2007:

- Meet n Sniff begins at *location to be announced*

Monday April 23, 2007:

-nothing planned-

Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun [userpic]
What IS this madness?!
by Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun (girltuesday)
at September 22nd, 2006 (11:03 pm)

Eurobpal was created as a means to arrange the swingin-est BPAL party Europe's ever seen. In April of 2007 Frankfurt will be invaded by the coolest bunch of men and women under the sun.

There will be a Meet n Sniff held on Sunday at an open air restraunt so we can kabitz and swap and sell to our hearts content.

The Nitty Gritty.

Anyone who'd like to come. If you are not from Europe you are still more than welcome to come!!
What: A big excuse to visit Frankfurt, Germany, have a party, swap and sell BPAL and meet people!!
When: April 20-23 of 2007. I personally recommend if you are in the states flying in on the 19th and flying out early April 24th.
Where: Frankfurt, Germany

Anybody who would like to come is more than welcome to sign up. Please, if you are going to sign up to be someone's room mate be atleast 65% sure that you will go. I would hate it if someone signed up and then at the last minute backed out.

We will be arranging tours of Frankfurt, trips into the countryside to go wine tasting and trips to museums and other fun places. If you've been looking for an excuse to take a vacation, THIS is it!

As events are planned and arrangements made they will be posted and added to the memories section.  If you would like to hold an event during this weekend please let us know and we'll discuss it and talk to everyone about it. Right now there is only one event planned, the Meet N Sniff. 

See Memories for Proposed Schedule

Rides from the airport to the hotel are available for those who would like it instead of taking a taxi or the straus (the bus).

Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun [userpic]
Room Mates
by Future Ex Mrs. Tim Gun (girltuesday)
at September 22nd, 2006 (10:36 pm)

current mood: chipper

This post will be placed in memories and as people sign up.  I've organized them as Smoking and Non-Smoking. Nothing worse than a non-smoker in a room with a smoker!

We are currently awaiting a group discount information email, we are going to request 10 rooms. That is 20 people that can sign up for the discounted room and I'm sure we won't get near that.


Room 1: girltuesday &


Room 1:

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