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A Weekend In Germany...BPAL style

Discussion, set up and organization of the Massive Meet n Sniff

BPAL Invades Germany!
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This community has been created for the sole purpose of arranging a massive Meet N Sniff and tour of the German country-side, bars and shopping. After all we're far too cool to stay in the silly little banquet hall and just talk about BPAL!

The Meet N Sniff will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on April 20-23 2007.

Details will be posted in the memories posts as it solidifies.

Room mates can be found here, discussion of the trip ETC.

Although this is not a sales community if you would like to offer items specifically to this community for the purpose of funding your trip, that is acceptable. However this is not a sales community and should not be treated as such. If selling becomes a problem moderators will nix selling.